Our story

Founded in 2015 by product engineers, KeyValue is a trusted product engineering partner for start-ups and scale-ups – developing ideas, unlocking their potential, and creating abundant value. We have ideated, conceived, strategized, and built some of the globe’s most innovative products.

We have a culture of innovation and learning fostered by an environment of freedom and collaboration. Our deep expertise in end-to-end product development and our experience of building around 90 products in the last 8 years have helped us succeed in our mission of being a trusted product development hub. We have the perfect blend of expertise, experience, culture, and the ownership mindset required to cut and polish every gem to perfection.

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Our secret sauce

Our values | Expertise


Deep proficiency in end-to-end product development – strategize, build & maintain

Our values | Experience


Built 90+ remarkable products – across geographies, industries, and technologies.

Our values | Ownership


Ownership mindset – one vision, one team, one destiny.

Our values | Culture


Freedom, continuous learning, empathy & inclusiveness.


Our team

Our team | About

Our leadership

About us | Sharbel Cherian

Sharbel Cherian

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

About us | Prasanth Nair

Prasanth Nair

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

About us | Deepak Menon

Deepak Menon

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

About us | Sreeja KR

Sreeja KR

Co-Founder & Vice President of Products

About us | Jisha Philip

Jisha Philip

Co-Founder & Vice President of Product Engineering

About us | Ramnarayan Varma

Ramnarayan Varma

Head of Growth

About us | Satheesh Sasikumar

Satheesh Sasikumar

Vice President of Product Engineering

About us | Jim Gast

Jim Gast

Strategic Advisor & GM North America