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Fees with ease

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A complete solution for service providers to collect recurring fees

Individuals or businesses receiving payment for their services can easily manage their fee collection.

Products - Cofee track Collect

Scheduled and on-demand payment link generation.

Products - Cofee track Track

Get real-time insights into your payments and monitor your dues with ease.

Products - Cofee track Remind

Deliver discreet reminders to those who owe you.

Products - Cofee track Acknowledge

Provide receipts for all of the fee collected.

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Building happier workplaces

Products - Triibe product

A comprehensive platform for employee engagement and wellness

Discover Triibe, where team connection, recognition, and wellness converge in a vibrant, unified platform.

Products - Triibe engage Elevate engagement

Inspire teamwork with integrated social feeds, recognition, and responsive polling tools.

Products - Triibe wellness Boost wellness

Join wellness challenges, track health, and climb leaderboards for a better you.

Products - Triibe insights Gain insights

Leverage analytics for essential insights on team engagement and performance metrics.

Products - Triibe AI AI-enhanced interactions

Chatbot-driven support with smart AI, enhancing experiences and user interactions.

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Simply reliable notifications

Products - Siren product

Your central hub for streamlined notifications

Centralize alerts, streamline outreach, and engage customers with Siren – your all-in-one notification platform.

Products - Siren API integration Single API integration

Send notifications across diverse channels with our single API solutions.

Products - Siren Template management Template management

Manage templates across all channels for consistent messaging.

Products - Siren Failproof delivery Failproof delivery

Guarantee message delivery with our robust fallback mechanism and adaptive, intelligent workflow customization.

Products - Siren Transparent logs Transparent logs

Access and monitor comprehensive notification logs across all channels in a single place.

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One link serves all your needs

Products - Dazzlink product

A link-in-bio tool for content creators and businesses

Promote content, products, or campaigns and allow your audience to explore them all from one place.

Products - Dazzlink workspace Connect better

Organize your diverse content under a link and share it across multiple platforms with your audience.

Products - Dazzlink no code Create pages

Create customized pages for every occasion.

Products - Dazzlink delivery Embed videos

Embed YouTube videos and provide seamless access to valuable content.

Products - Dazzlink trigger Track performance

Gain deeper insights into what resonates with your audience.