Skills Caravan

Rebuilding a learning experience platform(LXP) to make it feature-fledged and scalable


Established in 2022, Skills Caravan is a B2B Learning Experience Platform (LXP) dedicated to empowering organizations in facilitating comprehensive learning and development opportunities for their employees. With a mission to revolutionize corporate learning, Skills Caravan offers a pioneering approach to lifelong learning that prioritizes personalization, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Case Study | Dashboard screen design of Skills Caravan, a B2B Learning Experience EdTech Platform (LXP) based out in India

Client Requirement

Drawing upon extensive research in online educational platforms, Skills Caravan has identified a range of challenges that require resolution. These challenges include the fragmentation of valuable content across various Learning Management System (LMS) platforms, significant drop-off rates in online courses, and the need for comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities for employees' learning performance and progress.





Building Tech Powered platforms

Reworking the architecture of the platform and auditing the code, KeyValue rebuilt Skills Caravan into a feature-rich platform.

KeyValue’s Key Contributions

  • Changed NoSql DB to Relational DB
  • Re-designed the architecture to make it scalable
  • Improved the performance of data syncing from content providers
  • Re-designed the UI screens and the UX to make the product user-friendly and intuitive
  • Provision for easy plug-in of various content providers
  • Provision for easy integrations with various HRMS modules

Features Developed

  • Integration with multiple content Providers

    The platform is integrated with different LMS platforms like Udemy, Percipio, Harappa Education, and more, to ensure quality and diverse content for the user.

  • Recommendations based on Interest Areas and Career Goals

    The users can choose to upskill their career goals or strive towards cross-skilling in an area they are passionate about.

  • Integration with Certificate generator platform

    The certificates users receive for the courses they complete are generated by Accredible, a platform integrated into Skills Caravan

  • Site-Branding/ White labeling

    A client organization can add its logo, and background image and is allowed to add the custom signatory credentials, on the certificates presented to the employees.

  • In-app + Email Notifications

    Users are provided with notifications on recent updates on the platform, their dwell time, etc

  • Analytics Dashboards

    Customized dashboards are available for users based on their organizational roles where the users can track learning activity in detail.

  • Team Creation

    This feature, available only to team leads, can be used to create a team to which teammates can be added, learning plans can be assigned and progress can be tracked.

  • Learning Plan creation and allocation

    The team leads and admins can create a learning plan and allocate assignments along with the deadline, for teammates/ employees.

  • Bulk import Users

    The users can be imported individually as well as in bulk using Excel.

  • Content Restriction

    When the admins can decide what content is visible to the employees. The restricted view of content would ensure the user’s focus is aligned with the Organization's goals.

  • LMS Integration

    Integration with Open edX, an open-source LMS, allows the tenant to upload their own native content and make it available to everyone across the organization. They can also act as a content provider for other organizations.

  • Rewards and Recognition

    Acknowledging users with gift vouchers for their efforts can be an impetus to continue upskilling.

  • Live Classroom

    The platform lets the organization schedule live knowledge transfer sessions led by instructors within the organization.

  • Responsiveness

    Skills Caravan being mobile responsive, the users could access the platform from their own convenience through their mobiles.


  • User Authentication - Auth0
  • Certificate generation - Accredible
  • HRMS - Zoho and Keka
  • LMS - OpenEdX
  • Analytics - Mixpanel
  • Content Providers - Percipio (Skillsoft), Udemy, Harappa Edu.
Key benefits that fueled the platform
  • Scalability
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Rapid Development
  • SSO onboarding for specific Organisations
  • Robust Infra and DevOps setup with CICD
  • Quick Go-to-Market product to understand the Product-market fit and to reiterate the changes required

Tech Stack
Case Study | Success story
Skills Caravan’s Success story continues with

  • 20,000+ Courses Available
  • 1000+ learners
  • 10+ Industries
  • 20+ skills