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Zenyum is a fast-growing cosmetic teledentistry enterprise with a strategic vision of becoming the premier comprehensive dental care provider. The company has a diverse range of verticals, prominently featuring cutting-edge services such as 3D-printed Invisible Braces, expert-led online assessments, and the provision of top-tier oral care products of the highest quality.

Case Study | Home page design of Zenyum, Asia’s most loved dental brand working on invisible braces & oral care, based out in Singapore

Client Requirement

Zenyum required platforms that synergistically complement the efficacy of their vision and foster the optimization of user satisfaction.
Their key differentiator is the Onboarding Tool, a customer-centric solution enabling seamless submission of tooth-related concerns and four corresponding photos. Moreover, patients benefit from real-time treatment progress tracking via the intuitive mobile app.

Client Website

www.zenyum.com Case Study | Website Link





Dissecting, understanding, conceptualizing, and building a flawless platform

KeyValue meticulously identified various strategic verticals aimed at realizing Zenyum’s vision of providing premium quality oral care access to users across South East Asia.

Within each vertical, specific requirements and challenges were carefully delineated, encompassing treatment, clinical management, E-Commerce, and seamless integrations with accounting tools. Through a systematic approach, KeyValue successfully uncovered tailored solutions to address each aspect, aligning with their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.


A sophisticated, feature-rich platform was meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless E-Commerce operations, enabling users to effortlessly procure top-tier oral health products at competitive prices.

The extensive product range encompasses Electric Toothbrushes, Floss, Mouthwash, and Teeth Whitening Kits, among others, offering customers a comprehensive selection to meet their specific oral care needs. The platform's user-centric design ensures a smooth purchasing experience for the users.

Features that enhanced user experience and sales

  • Coupon management
  • Warranty Activation
  • Gift with Product
  • Review Collection
  • Payment integration
  • 3rd party oms integration
  • Aligner payment service integrated with Primer

Treatment and clinical management

For this, much more complicated vertical, we built the Zenyum Mobile App platform that supports flawless treatments.

Feature of The Zenyum Mobile App
  • Upload progress photos
  • Track aligner wear time
  • Monitor treatment
  • Provide required data corresponding to treatment, appointments, etc, and Collect feedback
Feature of Clinic Cloud portal

An admin portal was developed for clinical/treatment management which took care of status changes, activity logs, marking attendance for appointments, adding and subtracting wear time, viewing Treatment Plans, etc. A few features in the spotlight are

  • Tracking system for doctors, and internal staff to smoothen the aligner journey
  • AI-assisted chat in Zenchat for clinic cloud users like doctors at the clinic, nurses, internal doctors, and internal staff in Zenyum
  • Magic classifier - AI model to classify images during prescription submission so that they can be sent to the design lab

The key hurdle during onboarding

Following the successful development of the web/mobile app and the accompanying admin portal, the workflow encountered a notable obstacle in the form of recurring errors in the photographs captured and uploaded by users.

The inconsistent quality of the images necessitated repetitive evaluations during subsequent stages, leading to multiple rounds of back-and-forth communication. Consequently, users faced the inconvenience of retakes, which in turn contributed to frustration and, in some cases, drop-offs in user engagement.

Addressing this issue becomes pivotal to streamlining the process and enhancing user satisfaction, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience throughout the platform's usage.

Our key solution

The solution we put forth was an AI-powered ML model to detect, train, infer, optimize, and re/learn.

The ML model

  • Ensure the right angle and focus area for the photos clicked and identify blurry images.
  • Undergoes continuous updates introduced to provide instructions to the user via AI to help them click multiple pictures that match the required standards.
  • Detect the precision of pictures submitted and cropping the area of interest for better viewing.
  • Connect, preprocess, test correlations, find anomalies, and transform data to optimize the ML model continuously.

The impact of the AI model

  • Enhanced customer experience owing to interactive features
  • Improved efficiency and turn-around time in the entire cycle reduced
  • Lesser error rate increasing customer stickiness.

Tech Stack

Many integrations with different platforms for varied purposes were required for the smooth functioning of both Zenyum's E-Commerce and treatment platforms. A few platforms to list are

  • Chargebee, 2c2p, and Xero
  • Intercom
  • Design labs
  • Salesforce
  • Selluseller
  • Netsuite
  • MSD
  • Segment Braze Amplitude
Case Study | Success story
Zenyum at its best

  • Company Stage - Series B
  • Total Funding - $56M
  • Latest Funding Round - $40M, Series B, May 31, 2021
  • Tracxn Score - 57/100
  • Competitive Performance - Ranked 4th among 98 competitors