End-to-end development of a logistics aggregator platform for one of the largest E-Commerce players in the Middle East

E-Commerce Logistics

Boxaty, a logistics aggregator platform, was developed with a vision to provide an automated system that would increase the efficiency of an E-Commerce company by managing their order allocation to Third Party logistics partners with ease.

Built for and its brands, an E-Commerce website, a subsidiary of the Apparel group which represents marquee global brands across 14 countries, Boxaty integrates with courier partners to the existing E-Commerce system flow with ease.

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Client Requirement

Having tied up with multiple courier partners in the Middle East, needed a product that helped allocation of the orders based on multiple order parameters to select the right courier partner to deliver the orders to end customers.

To resolve this, required a proficient team for the end-to-end development of an in-built advanced application that would help run the business with ease, thus partnering with KeyValue.

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Unlocking Delivery Optimization with an efficient platform

KeyValue conceptualized, architected, and designed an intuitive product platform that assisted with the mission Apparel Group tried to achieve with Boxaty. Building the product end-to-end, KeyValue helped them develop an in-house product with features that helped manage order allocation to 3rd party courier partners efficiently.

  • Easy integration with any Order Management System (OMS)

    Manages deliveries by integrating with multiple 3rd party courier partners. The system can be easily integrated into an existing Order Management system with ease.

  • Courier Partner Integration

    • Integrates courier partners to Boxaty with ease into an existing E-Commerce system flow with ease.
    • Any existing E-Commerce system can integrate with Boxaty and create courier partner accounts for already integrated courier partners for new locations in a few steps, resulting in faster expansion.
  • Courier Partner Allocation Logic

    A powerful order allocation system that can be used to add custom logic for order allocation to a specific partner based on different parameters.

  • Order Tracking

    Users can track orders and take necessary actions if needed which would increase the efficiency of allocations.

Tech Stack

Key Outcomes

  • Ease of order allocation which can be customized as per user needs
  • Significant reduction in time for order tracking and management
  • Effort rationalization
  • Automation of manual processes which enhanced efficiency