Partnering to build Indonesia’s fastest and most seamless payment aggregator platform


Durianpay takes the spotlight as Indonesia's most effective payment aggregator, serving as a comprehensive one-stop solution for all payment requirements. With a strong focus on delivering rapid and seamless payment solutions, Durianpay empowers merchants and businesses with unparalleled convenience tailored to their unique needs.

Durianpay was meticulously conceived and developed with a vision to revolutionize payment systems across South East Asia. Leveraging the expertise of Indonesia's top payment providers through a single integration, its fundamental mission is to modernize payments. This strategic approach not only enhances customer and merchant experiences but also ensures the provision of relevant services, creating a harmonious ecosystem.

Case Study | Dashboard screen design of DurianPay, Indonesia’s fastest payment aggregator platform with a fully integrated and comprehensive payments stack that enables online businesses to grow and scale.

Client Requirement

With a strategic approach, Durianpay carefully sought after KeyValue, confident in our ability to provide a skilled and knowledgeable team of engineers. This collaboration enabled the engineers to work closely with Durianpay's Product and Engineering teams, making valuable contributions to the company's overarching vision.

Client Website

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Building a Robust and User-Friendly Payment Platform

In a successful partnership with Team KeyValue, Durianpay developed a sophisticated platform that encompassed a wide range of payment processes. This all-in-one solution streamlined frictionless checkout, offered seamless integration with modern APIs, and provided a unified dashboard for efficient payment management. By connecting with top payment methods and providers through a single integration, Durianpay achieved a comprehensive and versatile payment ecosystem.

Ensuring optimal security for users was a top priority, leading to the implementation of robust measures to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, a generic flow was meticulously constructed to facilitate the seamless integration of new provider services, ensuring flexibility and scalability for future enhancements.

Features in a glance

Durianpay CheckoutA checkout page with different payment options from which the users can opt according to their needs.
Durianpay FlowA dashboard that provides the users with analytics about their transactions and generates reports.
Payment LinksLets the user create payment links from the dashboard in case of the absence of a checkout page and share the link with the customer.
DisbursementsThe users can transfer money to their targets seamlessly just by adding the details of the recipient’s account.
PromotionsCreate promo codes and pass them to their target customers.
RefundsRefunds are made possible through the dashboard.

Tech Stack
Case Study | Success story
The success stories continue

Durianpay now awaits Series A funding

  • TPV as on April 2023
  • Monthly payment-in - IDR 223,365,855,342 / $ 14,410,700
  • Monthly payment-out - IDR 602,577,676,988 / $ 38,875,979
  • Total TPV - IDR 825,943,532,330 / $53,286,680