Building an out-of-the-box AI-powered Ad generation platform


Singapore-based early-stage startup established to help brands & agencies discover winning ad ideas. This AI Ad Generator allows businesses to create new ad variations 10x faster, unlocking their next level of growth.

Case Study | Home page design of Pencil, Singapore-based AI-powered AdTech platform that generates unlimited ad creatives predicted to win.

Client Requirement

With its innovative vision to pave the way for businesses to generate better, faster, and more affordable ads for DTC brands, PENCIL required a powerful Creative AI platform to assist them in their mission. KeyValue’s knowledge and expertise came into use here.

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Building AI-Powered platforms

  • Pencil App

    An AI-powered platform that uses video generation tools like Adobe After Effects, enables smaller brands to generate ads, where the target customers are DTC brands, Shopify merchants, and Marketing agencies.

  • Pencil Pro

    An advanced version of Pencil App which performs as an enterprise-level generative AI product, specifically created to meet the needs of global brands. This product has a custom-tailored & fully-featured enterprise-grade video and image editor(web-based) & an ad generation system capable of satisfying sophisticated editing and ad generation needs.

Challenges we surpassed

  • Unified Predictions

    • Unbalanced dataset
    • Explainability of models
  • Copy Generation

    • Copy length & Emoji support
    • Multi-language support
  • Exports & Editor

    • Regression testing
    • Custom font rendering
    • Unoptimized videos and images.

Features in Spot Light

  • Marketing Insights and predictions
  • Enterprise editor
  • Multi-language Copy generation system.
  • Ad export system
  • Billing & Subscription

Tech Stack
Case Study | Success story
PENCIL is triumphing

  • No.1 generative AI creative and distribution SaaS platform
  • Generate unlimited ad creative in minutes, not days
  • Trusted by 3,000+ brands and agencies to generate over 1,000,000 AI ad creatives.
  • Generates ad predictions trained on a dataset of over $1B in ad spend.
  • Pencil’s AI ads offer -48% better CPA & +79% better ROAS.