Redefining the platform for a Singapore-based innovative online pet care shop to facilitate hassle-free business


Singapore's most extensive online pet care store, Perromart envisions building bonds between pets and humans for a lifetime by providing the best quality pet care solutions.

Case Study | App screen design of Perromart, platform for a Singapore-based innovative online pet care shop to facilitate hassle-free business

Client Requirement

Perromart partnered KeyValue to build a comprehensive platform to help them in an uninterrupted flow of business that would eventually result in their growth.

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Challenges Perromart tried to overcome

Lacking a proper system in warehouse management solutions and more, they sold their products through a store in Shopify and through marketplaces like Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee, but couldn’t handle omnichannel orders.

The single backend service they owned, handled orders and products from the Shopify store but the orders from the marketplace were handled outside this system. Not having real-time syncing of orders from Shopify and not being able to integrate Shopify with Microsoft Nav for warehouse management, demanded the need for a new system to handle warehouse activities.

Resolving blockades with a full-fledged digital platform

Collaborating with KeyValue, Perromart built a proper system for handling different services from their end.

The features developed include

  • 3 new services:
    • Order management service(OMS)
    • Warehouse management service(WMS)
    • Customer management service(CMS)
  • Omnichannel order handling.
  • Real-time sync of orders from Shopify.
  • Auto sync of orders from marketplaces
  • Clevertap integration.
  • Management of product stocks in Shopify and marketplaces from a single point.
  • Warehouse locator management.
  • Slimstock integration.

In addition to the features developed for automating their process, KeyValue helped add new features to the Shopify store and made necessary updates to their Perrovets website which provided veterinary services. With the introduction of proper Warehouse solutions and features, KeyValue was able to help Perromart wipe off many challenges it faced previously.

KeyValue’s intervention proved to be the best stimulus for their growth as it helped in increasing the number of orders, helped handle orders faster, and improved customer experience.

Tech Stack
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The results proved our success

Starting as a gift box subscription service in 2015, Perromart has since evolved into a fully-fledged pet care E-Commerce with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and more. With their new platform implemented, Perromart now does not depend on Shopify completely.

Currently growing at around 12.7 % annually, Perromart stocks 200+ brands and serves over 1000 active customers.