End-to-end development of the largest B2B2C beauty product reseller and dropship platform in Indonesia


The largest B2B2C beauty product reseller and dropship platform in Indonesia which encourages people to start a business with minimal capital and become successful ‘beautypreneurs‘.

Case Study | App screen design of Raena, B2B2C beauty product reseller and dropship E-commerce platform in Indonesia

Client Requirement

RAENA envisioned empowering women entrepreneurs and helping ‘Lady bosses’ to surface. With the mission set, they approached KeyValue to develop an application that can be used by brands and merchant partners/ Beautypreneurs. The goal was to create a solution that would aid the users access high-quality, high-value, and engaging products for end customers.

Client Website

www.raenabeauty.com Case Study | Website Link





RAENA’s novel business model

RAENA's business model revolves around providing its users with affordable product prices by leveraging the potential of social media influencers as resellers and drop shippers. Influencers place orders through its digital online store, on behalf of the end customers and receive a commission from the payment made to RAENA. While RAENA has resellers who are store owners, it primarily focuses on B2B2C business, enabling influencers to become resellers and offering exceptional products to end customers.

Raena Business Model

Visualizing and building the right platforms and features

KeyValue developed a modern and intuitive platform consisting of a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms, which was seamlessly integrated with a web portal to manage the extensive and critical distribution network of social media influencers. Along with standard features necessary for the efficient functioning of the business, KeyValue implemented several innovative approaches to enhance the workflow and improve the overall user experience.

Unique features in the app

  • Dynamic Tier Pricing
  • Dynamic shipping cost
  • Bulk Pay, Global search & search page
  • Pay later

Unique features in the admin portal

  • App Control Pages
  • Sections & Banners
  • Reseller Management

Tech Stack
Case Study | Success story
Outlining the growth

KeyValue's end-to-end platform for RAENA enabled safe and secure solutions for the entire business process, from warehousing and order collection to payment and shipping. With the implementation of this platform, RAENA experienced unprecedented growth, owing to the reliability and efficiency of the secure solutions provided by KeyValue.

Statistics show

  • About 250,000+ users as of February 2022
  • 4.9/5 class rating
  • More than 300% growth in revenue
  • Access to more than 250+ brands & 1000+ original products
  • Having expansion plans beyond Indonesia and with different business models which include B2B, B2C, and B2B2C with more than 100+ employees