End-to-end development of web and mobile apps that enable a community to energize startups and support new founders


A rapid scale-up program started with the goal to supercharge the startups in India and Southeast Asia, Surge, an initiative by Sequoia India, is designed to help clear the hurdles one can come across while building a business.

Surge, an entrepreneurial acceleration program initiated by Sequoia India, aims to propel the growth of startups in India and Southeast Asia through a comprehensive scale-up strategy. This initiative is strategically designed to overcome the challenges one encounters during the process of establishing and expanding a business enterprise.

Case Study | Home page and app screen design of Surge, a Community-Tech idea that enables a community to energise startups and support new founders of Southeast asia.

Client Requirement

Surge's mission is to equip participating founders with a comprehensive suite of resources, including capital, community, company-building support, and cross-border experience, in order to catalyze the launch or acceleration of their ventures.

Recognizing the significance of fostering a robust and interconnected community of entrepreneurs, Surge identified the need for a sophisticated web application complemented by a companion mobile app to nurture the growth of a community of founders to learn, connect, collaborate, access, and build businesses.

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Enhancing the opportunity through web/mobile application development

The Surge program spans a duration of 16 weeks, conducted virtually with a weekly session. This comprehensive program covers an extensive curriculum of fundamental aspects of company building. The program culminates with an investor week, aptly named UpSurge, offering invaluable opportunities for founders to connect with potential investors.

To facilitate the realization of Surge's vision, KeyValue played a pivotal role in the development of the 'Surge Community' application, a robust platform tailored to support the program's mission. Continuously committed to innovation, KeyValue delivered novel ideas and features that augment the community-building aspect and offer essential training and support to participants. We still provide continuous service to Surge and ensure the seamless evolution and growth of the platform.

Building the necessary features to support the process

  • Continuous access to resources

    Videos related to different topics are uploaded and stored in the repository to be accessed anytime in the future using keyword search. The content is Sequoia generated and from veteran founders. The users can make use of these to upskill themselves and stay updated.

  • A feed to share thoughts

    Any participant can make use of this space to share thoughts and events that they find relevant enough to share, helping maintain the momentum and warmth of the community.

  • Messaging and communication

    Chatbox facility to connect with anyone in the community and schedule meetings with experts to upskill knowledge.

  • Facilitating perks

    Surge partners with different companies like AWS, Notion, etc, and makes different offers and discounts available for the community. Vetted vendors and credits or discounts on products can be searched using keywords.

  • Directory service

    The complete details of members and their specializations are available to facilitate smooth communication via the platform or other social media. Easy keyword search makes the process easier.

  • Resources

    Providing access to links to external resources helps in acquiring information from other platforms. Toolkits and Templates can be availed from different sources using this feature.

  • Event management

    A platform that supports events hosted by the founders or mentors for the betterment of the community. The events can be scheduled via admins and participants can be invited to the event by simply sharing the link.

Tech Stack
Case Study | Success story
The impactful results

Surge now combines up to $3 million of seed capital alongside company-building workshops, global immersion trips, and unwavering support from a community of exceptional founders.

The success of Surge’s mission is marked by 127 startups backed up by the community.

The completion of the 7th cohort by the team exemplifies the persistent accomplishments of the goals set by them as well as the significant advantages it bestows upon aspiring business founders across diverse geographic boundaries.