End-to-end development of a full-fledged digital platform for Indonesia’s wholesale E-Commerce marketplace


Empowering small retailers to think and transact big, ULA, the B2B marketplace based in Indonesia, comes up with innovative solutions and addresses major pain points around supply chain and financial services. ULA envisions keeping retailers competitive in today’s digital age.

Case Study | App screen design of Ula, a full-fledged digital platform for Indonesia’s wholesale E-Commerce marketplace, that provides working capital and inventory sourcing for small business owners

Client Requirement

ULA required engineering prowess to build the platforms enabling their business and was exploring a partner who can be a strong ally. KeyValue’s deep digital commerce domain and breadth of expertise in building E-Commerce with speed, aligned with their requirements.

Client Website

landing.ula.app Case Study | Website Link





Building multiple foolproof systems

KeyValue built multiple systems and platforms to manage various sections of E-Commerce.

  • Retailer App (Android/ PWA)

    The retailer app is used by retailers to purchase products from ULA. Once the orders are placed ULA procures the products from the suppliers and makes them available for the retailers.

  • Admin Panel (Web)

    The admin portal, used by team ULA was efficient in managing the operations and streamlining the workflow.

  • Sales App (Android)

    Used by the sales team to keep track of sales orders, sales users, and avoidance of fraud

    • Avoid Fraud
      • Order confirmation
      • Implementing Grab defence
      • User confirmation
  • Merchant App (Android/iOS)

    The merchants could create a product list and add it to the system.

  • Consumer App (PWA)

    A list of the products of a retailer could be found here and the consumers will be able to place orders with the retailers.

  • Logistic App (Android)

    Trip management and delivery management were streamlined using the app.

  • Incident Management Tool (Android/iOS/Web)

    Created for the internal team to manage different incidents occurring, alerts for high-priority incidents, incident stats, etc, to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

Other Features in the spotlight

  • Banners, coupons, and campaign for promotion
  • Fulfill digital orders
  • Manage warehouse and Inter warehouse transfer
  • Ensure payments, forward cashback, and reverse cashback on purchase orders
  • Purchase order auto-approval based on criteria specified by finance
  • Notifications like Whatsapp blasts, Push Notification blasts, etc, and spam prevention
  • Integration of Freshchat, Yellow Messenger Twilio for communication,
  • Clevertap Integration for building campaigns
  • EKYC
  • PayLater
  • Coupons/Rewards
  • Deposits
  • Gamification using customer Glu
  • Brand advertisement

Tech Stack
Case Study | Success story
Growing success

ULA has been enjoying success ever since with

  • 350000+ users
  • 3rd year in operations