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What our clients say about our outsourced product engineering.

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Image of Anupama Hoon, Chief Product Officer, Zenyum Testimonial | Author company E-Commerce

Anupama HoonChief Product Officer, Zenyum

The cornerstone of speed and efficiency in a startup is deeply entwined with technology. Our collaboration with Sharbel, Prashant, and various teams at KeyValue Systems has displayed exactly that speed along with trust in the building of technological solutions for Zenyum's growth in Asia.

Image of SyPhong Bui, Founder and CEO, Telio Testimonial | Author company E-Commerce

SyPhong BuiFounder and CEO, Telio

At Telio, we used data and technology to build Vietnam's largest B2B platform. Technology was defined as the core strength of Telio. Founded in 2019 without an engineering team, Telio had relied on KeyValue for designing, developing, and maintaining all our major platforms.

Image of Krishnan Menon, CEO, LummoShop Testimonial | Author company E-Commerce

Krishnan MenonCEO, LummoShop

We got connected with KeyValue when we were thinking of building our new product Lummo after our initial success with BukuKas. We completely relied on KV for the design and buildout of Lummo. The commitment levels, the quality, and the speed of execution at KV were amazing.

Image of Alan Wong, Co-Founder, CTO, Ula Testimonial | Author company E-Commerce

Alan WongCo-Founder, CTO, Ula

Our mission to empower small businesses to do big things defined, we were looking for the perfect tech partner who can develop innovative solutions and address major pain points around the supply chain. The platforms had to suffice our vision of keeping retailers competitive in today’s digital age.